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How Do You Measure Head Size For Your Wig?

The average wigs sizes that are available in the market are small, average and large. But there are brands that can make customized human hair wigs for you for that perfect fit when the ones available in the market doesn’t fit you like a dream.

Now you may think how a correct measurement is taken for that ideal fit. Well if you plan to do this by yourself at home you have to be mindful of a few of the things that will give you the correct measurements.

For this you can take a cloth measuring tape for the most accurate measurements.

Step 1: Head Circumference


Your hairline's circumference is determined by measuring the distance around your head. Beginning at the forehead, place the measuring tape at your hairline, and then bring it behind your ears. Back up to the beginning, wrap the tape around the other ear's nape.

The tape must be applied to the ears at the highest position possible—it cannot be tucked behind the ear. Make sure the tape is snug, but not so tight that you experience pressure on your head. The wig will feel stiff as a result.


Step 2: Ear To Ear


The wig won't look nice if it doesn't hug the crown of your head, thus this measurement is crucial. To begin measuring, place the tape's edge on your head at the level of the top of your ear and move it over the crown to the opposite side. Make sure the tape is drawn straight across with no slack.

A typical mistake is to measure below the top of the ear, which results in the human hair wig’s ear-flaps resting uncomfortably on the ear, which is highly irritating.


Step 3: Front To Back


This measurement is easy to understand. Start measuring from the forehead from the hairline all the way down to the back of your neck, at the nape while keeping the tape centered and tight. If this measurement is too lengthy, it causes bulging and causes the hair wig to slide off.


Step 4: Forehead


Start above the ear and move the tape to the same spot on the opposite ear while drawing along the hairline to obtain this measurement.

The middle of your forehead, where your hairline is the lowest, should serve as the midpoint for this measurement.


Step 5: Temple To Temple


This measurement can be a bit hard. You want to start by placing the tape at the end of your eyebrow at the temple and then drag it back and around your head to your other eyebrow.

The most typical problem is that people sometimes let the tape to move, and the measurement ends up being inaccurate, so make sure to keep the tape at level and tight.


Step 6: Nape Of The Neck


The base of the human hair lace wig will sit at the nape of your neck, thus to maintain the wig appearing tight and without bulges, we have to obtain a precise measurement of the hairline at the nape of the neck.

Start by positioning the tape so that it is level at the bottom of your earlobe and follow all the way around the hairline on the back to the same point on the other ear.


Pro Tip


To achieve a precise fit of your glueless wig, deduct one inch from this measurement.

Ear to ear measurement is very important as every person's head is unique and shaped differently.While some of us have rounded heads, others have ones that are essentially flat on top.

This measurement makes sure the wig covers the top of the head securely and doesn't bubble up in the middle or fall short around the ears.