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When choosing a wig, color is key!

But in truth, most styles come in such a wide variety of colors — the wise approach is to narrow down the styles you love first. Once you've identified your favorite styles, it is time to check out color options. This can be challenging. Typically, you'll find manufacturer color swatches online. The trouble is, they are primarily created for professional use. These swatches of color do not show the full effects of the color distribution of the actual wig, because professionals already understand how it will distribute throughout the piece. You're left with only a partial sense of what a wig color will look like. And in addition, swatches from different manufacturers are inconsistent, making it difficult to compare choices from different brands.

If you are concerned about making a color choice online, there are other options.


Color Consultation

Send in a great quality picture or an actual hair sample along with the wig style names you're interested in. Our licensed cosmetologists will help with color matching.

After we have reviewed your request, we will assemble your personalized color match recommendation. We can either complete your order and ship your beautiful wig, or we can contact you to discuss our recommendation. Just designate your preference to our email