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How Long Do Your Lace Front Wigs Last

How long do your lace front wigs last which must be a problem that troubles many wig enthusiasts. Many people choose lace front wig because it is natural and comfortable to wear. So how long can lace front wig serve us? This article will lead you to find the answer.

What you will learn from this article

1.What Is A Lace Front Wig?
2.How Long Do Your Lace Front Wigs Last?
3.How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Lace Front Wig?

What Is A Lace Front Wig?

Lace front wig are particularly popular with the ladies who pursue the natural looking. Its natural lace design and comfortable wearing feel make many wig enthusiasts choose to purchase it. Ghair lace front wig made of 100% virgin human hair and there are 3 combs and an adjustable tension band inside which could secure the wig on your head safely. And the soft rose net cap makes wearer feel very breathable and comfortable to wear it.

How Long Do Your Lace Front Wigs Last?

Generally, lace front wigs made with human hair can last for 6 to 12 months. If you use the correct maintenance method to care for your wig, it will last for 1 to 2 years. The exact answer to the question of how long your lace front wig can be used is actually related to many factors. In this section, we will understand how these different factors affect the lifespan of your lace front wig.

How often you wear your lace front wig
If you wear your lace front wig every day, wearing it too frequently will result in insufficient cleaning and care for your lace front wig, thereby shortening its lifespan. You may not be able to continue using it for less than a year. But if you wear your lace front wig with a moderate frequency, it can achieve better recovery and serve you for a longer time.

The hair grade of your lace front wig
Lace front wigs made from different grades of hair have different lifespans. Currently, there are mainly three types of hair grades available on the market.

Virgin hair: Virgin human hair is the highest grade hair among these three types, with almost no processing, and is very natural and shiny, just like our own hair. So if your lace front wig is made using virgin human hair, congratulations. Your lace front wig will serve you for a longer time, and with proper care, it would be more longer.

Remy hair: Remy hair is a type of hair that ranks second only to virgin human hair. Although it has undergone some dyeing and chemical processing, some may also have undergone styling and texture processing. However, its hair cuticles has not been damaged and still maintains relatively high hair quality. So if your lace front wig is made with remy hair, its lifespan will also be relatively long.

Processed human hair: Processed human hair is the most common type of hair, and its quality is not as good as virgin human hair and remy hair. Because it undergoes a lot of dyeing and texture processing during the production process, and many wig factories will remove the hair cuticles during the processing, this makes this hair very fragile and easily damaged, resulting in a shorter usable time.

Color of your lace front wig
If your color wig in a dark color, it can be used for a longer time, but if it is in a light color, it may be used for a shorter time. This is because most dark color lace front wigs require less processing. But when making light color lace front wigs, wig factories may use more bleaching and dyeing to achieve better color effects, which can make the hair more vulnerable and prone to breakage. Therefore, the time it can serve you will be shorter.

Maintenance of your lace front wig
You may not be able to easily change the previous factors, but you can completely control the maintenance of lace front wig yourself, which is also a key factor determining the lifespan of wigs. How to clean your wig is a very important step. If you choose the correct cleaning product, method, and frequency, your lace front wig can be used for a longer time. However, if you choose the wrong cleaning method or excessively clean your lace front wig, it will actually shorten its lifespan.

How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Lace Front Wig?

Even the best quality lace front wig won't last long without proper care. So in order for our beloved lace front wig to accompany us for a longer time, we should take proper care of it to extend its lifespan.

Properly wash your lace front wig
To properly wash your lace front wig, we first need to choose a wig specific shampoo, as regular shampoos contain many irritating ingredients that may damage the hair quality of our wigs. Then we need to use gentle techniques throughout the entire washing process, and pay attention to the frequency of cleaning. Too little or too much washing of the wig is not good for the wig.

Detangle gently
When detangling our lace front wig, it is best to use a wide toothed comb and carefully and gently comb every knotted area smoothly. Do not forcefully pull the hair, as this will damage our wig and seriously shorten its lifespan.

Regularly condition your lace front wig
Our lace front wigs, just like our own hair, also require conditioning to maintain them in order to display their better condition. So we need to regularly maintain our lace front wig with conditions to prevent it from getting too tangled, shedding, and losing its luster.

Don’t wear your lace front wig when you sleep
Don't wear your lace front wig while you're sleeping, because unconsciously turning your head or body can cause friction between the wig and the pillow or bed sheet, which can cause knots, hair loss, or deformation. This is not conducive to extending the lifespan of our lace front wig, so please don't do this.

Ending Word

I believe that reading this article can help you better understand how long a lace front wig can be used and how to extend its lifespan. I hope this article can help you make your lace front wig accompany you for a longer time.