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How to Take Care of Human Hair Wig


Human Hair Wigs Maintenance Tips

1.Avoid High Temperature

Do not place your virgin hair wig close to high temperature. Do not use Flat-iron or curler too often, it will cause you hair wig lack of glossy, dry and easy to broken.

2.Hair Wig Washing

Wash your human hair wig once about 1-2 month is best, and also it depends on the frequency of wearing.

3.Water Temperature

Use cold water or mild water to clean your hair wig, just use normal shampoo is okay, use some hair conditioner to help your hair wig keep shinny and silky.

 4.Curly Hair Wigs Combing

If you have curly hair wig, comb should not be used frequently, use your hand to make it orderly after wearing.

5.When Your Hair Wig Tangling Severely After Long Use

If your wig is still tangled after a long period of use, do not pull your hair, spray some non-oily conditioner for wigs, and then carefully comb it with a wide-toothed comb or hand. Do not rush, don't take time.


 How to Prolong your Lace’s Lifespan

1.When not in use, put it on the wig holder. This can help maintain its structure and prevent its entanglement.

2.Avoid hot water, saltwater, and chlorine to prevent any damage to the strands

3.Be mindful of what tools you use to style your wig. Depending on the style and texture, you may not want to use heated styling tools, such as curling irons or straighteners. 

4.The more careful and gentler you are to human hair wigs, the longer it will last.

Tips and tricks

 1.We do not recommend wearing a wig to sleep, bathe or swim.

 2.Store the wig on the wig holder to avoid unnecessary kinks or curls.

 3.The lace is delicate and should not be pulled or pulled.

 4.Avoid combing your hair when it is wet to avoid injury.

 5.Any haircut or chemical treatment (for example, perm or dye) should be done by a professional hair stylist. We do not recommend lifting or bleaching human hair; deposited color provides the best results.